Let’s talk tape!! Upgrade your options!

This photo is of an attempt to manage a blister first with Leukotape, then with Duct tape. What I’m not showing is the blister underneath that was exacerbated by the increased friction of the bulky and inflexible nature of the duct tape. And, the potential for tearing the roof of the blister off when attempting […]

Let’s talk toenails!

Soooo, the toenails in this pic show the effects of the leading edge catching and being lifted off of the nail bed repetitively. The big toenail was jammed back and cause the deep blood blister at the base. The second toenail endured the same continual lifting/jamming that detached it from the nail bed and it […]


Let‘s talk about proper taping for blisters, blister and maceration prevention. I have Videos!!! Click the YouTube link at the top of my website ☺️ The Army‘s adage „Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance“ is applicable with regard to taping feet. Proper supplies and preparation of the skin are the main variables that determine whether […]

🦶🦶Footcare Tip🤓

The skin of this toe has been torn off! In the middle of running a 100-mile trail race😳😧😵 Ouch!! This painful, preventable and unfortunate situation was caused by using the wrong material for the conditions at hand. A hydrocolloid dressing, also known as blister patches or Compeed was applied to a blister during the race. […]

🧦Let’s talk about socks.

They’re wee, but mighty! They are small, lightweight, easy to pack and are often left OUT of drop-bags😫😫😫😫   Consider this all too familiar scenario. A runner rolls into Michigan Bluff (mile 55), needs footcare and has nothing but a dirty, holey pair of socks to put back on before heading back out on the […]

“Adapt and Overcome”

A little tip-if something hurts when it bends, figure out how to prevent it from bending This runner’s big toe was hurting when it bent upwards, the pain was significant enough that he was planning on dropping out of the race 💔   How to prevent the toe to from bending? Find something rigid to […]

Let‘s talk about zinc oxide (Desitin) 👶🍑🦶💯

***More is Not Better*** ***Smearing Large Amounts of it on the Foot Creates Problems***   *Zinc oxide is an amphoteric oxide. It is (nearly) insoluble in water. It is dense It has antibacterial and deodorizing properties. It has a drying effect on the skin (desiccation) (Fun fact-over 50% of zinc oxide is used in the […]

Let’s talk Maceration

Fact *each foot has over 125,000 sweat glands that are creating sweat, which drenches your foot with Every Single Step!!   Fact *TIME is the most significant variable in whether feet will macerate *The longer you are on a course, the longer your feet are exposed to moisture (sweat) CREATED BY YOUR FEET!! *Skin exposed […]