There’s a fungus among us! 😜🦶🍄

When there is recurrent and persistent cracking on your foot, on the heels or on the ball of the foot as in this picture. 🌵The first consideration should be that the skin is profoundly and chronically dry, often with callous formation. If this is the case, aggressive moisturizing and exfoliating the dry skin and callous […]

Let’s talk tape!! Upgrade your options!

This photo is of an attempt to manage a blister first with Leukotape, then with Duct tape. What I’m not showing is the blister underneath that was exacerbated by the increased friction of the bulky and inflexible nature of the duct tape. And, the potential for tearing the roof of the blister off when attempting […]

Let’s talk toenails!

Soooo, the toenails in this pic show the effects of the leading edge catching and being lifted off of the nail bed repetitively. The big toenail was jammed back and cause the deep blood blister at the base. The second toenail endured the same continual lifting/jamming that detached it from the nail bed and it […]


Let‘s talk about proper taping for blisters, blister and maceration prevention. I have Videos!!! Click the YouTube link at the top of my website ☺️ The Army‘s adage „Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance“ is applicable with regard to taping feet. Proper supplies and preparation of the skin are the main variables that determine whether […]