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Glute Workouts For Men: 12 Exercises To Build A Strong And Sexy Glute

Are you ready to discover the secret to building a strong and sexy backside? Glute workouts for men have become more popular in recent years, as many guys are looking for ways to build a better butt. But when it comes to sculpting your best booty, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Thankfully, we have 12 amazing exercises that will help you get the glutes of your dreams! From squats and lunges to bridges and hip extensions, these glute exercises will work all three parts of the muscle group – gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus – for maximum results. Not only will they help you create an aesthetically appealing backside, but they’ll also increase your strength, power, and endurance. So whether you want a stronger squat or just want to look good at the beach, this comprehensive guide is sure to provide everything you need! By combining these 12 exercises into a regular workout routine, men can expect bigger and stronger glutes in no time. So if you’re ready to transform your backside with effective glute workouts, then keep reading! 1. Squats Squats are one of the most effective exercises to target the glutes. They work all the muscles in your lower

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Let’s talk toenails!

Soooo, the toenails in this pic show the effects of the leading edge catching and being lifted off of the nail bed repetitively. The big toenail was jammed back and cause the deep blood blister at the base. The second toenail endured the same continual lifting/jamming that detached it from the nail bed and it fell off. If you look at the end of the toenails, you’ll see that they are rounded, and ragged with an overhanging edge that can catch on the sock, and/or toe box of the shoe with every step. Preventive measures: **cut toenails straight across **file the edge from the top to bottom, so the leading edge is smooth and won’t catch on anything. **if this happens often despite filing the toenails smooth, pre-tape!! *Thank you for your attention☺️🙏🦶 No Foot, No Runner!!

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Let’s talk tape!! Upgrade your options!

This photo is of an attempt to manage a blister first with Leukotape, then with Duct tape. What I’m not showing is the blister underneath that was exacerbated by the increased friction of the bulky and inflexible nature of the duct tape. And, the potential for tearing the roof of the blister off when attempting to remove the Leukotape and duct tape due to the strength of the adhesive placed directly on the roof of the blister.   During the course of the race, this runner stopped multiple times to attend to this blister, losing time, increasing their (and their crews‘) stress, and their chance of achieving their race goals and staying ahead of the cutoff times.   Not to mention that at the end of the race, the tape needed to be removed extremely carefully, in a time-consuming manner. I had to cut small pieces, apply lubricant to weaken the hold of the adhesive to tease the tape off so I could address and care for the blister.   Knowing the qualities of your materials and the issues with the tissues at hand is important when providing footcare during a race.   Duct tape is „old school“ and often

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There’s a fungus among us! 😜🦶🍄

When there is recurrent and persistent cracking on your foot, on the heels or on the ball of the foot as in this picture. 🌵The first consideration should be that the skin is profoundly and chronically dry, often with callous formation. If this is the case, aggressive moisturizing and exfoliating the dry skin and callous resolve the issue. **See the picture of the Kerasal overnight treatment that comes with gel heel socks.** If treating for dryness doesn’t work, then think fungus🍄🦶 Fungal infections are common among athletes or those whose feet are subject to prolonged exposure to warm, wet environments. Think-running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️, hiking 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️, sports⛹️‍♀️⛹️ **Treatment options to consider are: powders (Zeosorb), cream (Tinactin), or sprays (Lotramin)** **Use as directed and consistently as both treatment and prevention. Of course, Prevention is Always Better!!** **for more information on footcare strategies for endurance athletes, see the link in Bio and/or the lastest edition of the book “Fixing Your Feet”**  

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Virtual Footcare Workshop

🦶Calling all footcare nerds and runners/walkers who want to keep them and their feet happy on their next endurance event!!   @realliferunners is hosting a workshop where they’re letting me talk all things Feet this Thursday the 15th at 12:30 EST. This is a one-hour, virtual event. If you can’t make it live, you can register and get the recording. Win-win!   I’ll be going over the basics of footcare techniques, products, considerations for choosing shoes, etc. And problem-solving some common things I see on the trail/during races to teach you how to Think on the fly.   Reply “Feet” in the comments and I’ll send you info on how to sign up.   #realliferunners #fixingyourfeet #footcare #centaurphysicaltherapy #trailrunning #nofootnofinish 

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