🧦Let’s talk about socks.

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Tonya Olson

Dr. Tonya Olson, MSPT, DPT
Board Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Certified Manual Physical Therapist

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They’re wee, but mighty!

They are small, lightweight, easy to pack and are often left OUT of drop-bags😫😫😫😫


Consider this all too familiar scenario. A runner rolls into Michigan Bluff (mile 55), needs footcare and has nothing but a dirty, holey pair of socks to put back on before heading back out on the trail😫😫😫


My role as a volunteer is to do whatever I can to get runners back on the trail and to the finish.


Sending a runner on to Foresthill in a pair of dirty, destroyed socks is the opposite of setting them up to succeed.


I bring extra socks for just this reason. Extra socks that I have purchased, that I pack in my luggage to travel across the country to volunteer and provide footcare to runners.


Every year, I give my own socks away so the runners have what they need to get themselves to Auburn.


In All the years that I’ve been running and volunteering at ultra-marathons have I Ever heard anyone say “Dang! I packed Too many socks!”


Every year we talk about changing socks frequently, keeping your feet dry, preventing maceration, packing socks in your drop bags…


Every year, runners come in without the dry socks they need 🤦‍♀️


When this happens, I die a little inside. I feel like I’ve failed you.


Please-for the love of all things holey (pun intended)




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